Sunday, March 12, 2017


Twenty years ago I packed my things and moved out of the house I had purchased with my, now, ex-husband. My daughter and I moved into a tiny two-bedroom apartment in Kansas City and set forth on a new journey.  If you would have told me then what the next twenty years would bring I wouldn't have believed it.

In the past twenty years I have moved.... a lot.  14 times to be exact.  I have rented apartments, houses, townhomes, and even a loft in the city, but I have not owned any of these homes.  I have finished college, had another child, went to the Police Academy, made friends, lost friends, fallen in love, had my heart shattered, and moved across country. A lifetime has passed and I am now 1216 miles from where I started. My children and I live in a tiny rental house in a charming seaside village in North Carolina where we have decided to plant some roots.  

In seventeen short days I will be closing on the first home I've owned since 1997. I will pack my boxes, load the truck and drive the four miles to my new home. It will make the 40th move in my lifetime...and God-willing, the last. Looks like I'm....


  1. The past 20 years were full of adventures, losses and gains, laughter and tears; through it all you remained strong. Raising your children in a way you should be very proud, they too are strong adults. I miss all of you like crazy, miss out on all the dreams you're seeing come to light. I would give anything to be there taking this journey with you, it is not to be at this time. I'm so proud of how far you've come and how far you have to go. My heart is filled with love and pride knowing you are the one thing I've truly done right in my life. I cannot wait to head out this summer and enjoy your new home with you and the kids. I love you honey. Mom

  2. Thank you mom - we miss you too and look forward to you coming for a visit. Love you too!