Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Laugh. Love. LIVE!

It has been two years since we moved to the coast. Four since we moved to North Carolina.  As much as I miss the work I did I don't regret the decisions to move.

In the last four years I have lost a grandmother, stepfather, sister and best friend. The last two almost breaking my spirit. 

I have gained new friends and reconnected with old. Hosting anyone who wanted to travel to my beautiful community.

Work has been an adventure; every day different. I've traveled (more than I want).  I've grown a program and hopefully made a difference along the way.

With this last move I have enjoyed a social life full of LAUGHter.
Met my favorite superstar musician and volunteered as a turtle walker.
Spent thousands of hours on the beach. Met one of my favorite authors. Started the novel I always said I'd write. 
My children have grown and blossomed into amazing people.  My daughter has begun to pursue her own career goals and my son has made it halfway through high school.  I am so proud of the adult my daughter has grown into and the young man my son has become. They are unique, fun people that still seem to enjoy spending time with their mom. They are truly my LOVE.
I have evaluated (and reevaluated) my life.  In the last year I have learned a lot.  A lot about the fragility of life. I have always tried to value every day but, like many others, always think there will be time.  In the last year I have made the decision to do more and procrastinate less.  To LIVE.
I am not sure where my life is going to go, but I know where I want to stay.  For the first time in 19 years I am looking to buy a house and set down some roots.