Monday, April 1, 2013

Fly to Santa Fe for a piece of pie

As I have said several times on this blog, over the last year I have been on the ever elusive quest for balance in my life.  I am a self-described workaholic in "recovery."  This is but one reason why I find it ironic that I am writing this blog after a long day of travel for work instead of sleeping...old habits are simply hard to break.  

A few weeks ago I was visiting with a new friend at work about an upcoming trip she was taking with her paramour.  After a particularly stressful two week class they were flying to Albuquerque so they could drive to Santa Fe for pie. We laughed at the seemingly silliness of this trip, as I told her she is my hero and I envied her ability to do this. (At the very moment I write this, she is probably having dessert in Santa Fe).  As we discussed her trip she reflected on the last few years in which she selflessly gave of herself to care for others.  She did so willingly, without complaint, and does not regret one moment of that time. But now her responsibilities have changed and she is able to up and go on a whim and is enjoying her newly found "free" time.  As a result she is taking the time to smell the taste the pie. It made me think of all the times I have said "later" or "another time" -some of the times in which it was warranted and at other times it was not.
As I gear up for a conference that always promises to be intense and rejuvenating at the same time I wonder about the importance of balance and taking time to "fly to Santa Fe."  I work in a field that is often thankless, rarely understood, and often frustrating.  Over the years I have seen things that cannot be unseen.  I have seen lives irreparably changed and as of last week have seen two lives(that I know of) end due to the violence perpetrated against them.  Young women who had their lives ahead of them, cut short because of violence. These deaths bring home the simple is short. We cannot know when it will be taken from us, so we must do what we can with what we have and make the very most of it. Not just to make this world a better place (which we MUST try to do every day) but also to take care of ourselves.  We MUST take the time to "fly to Santa Fe" or risk not being able to do the work (whatever work it is) we are called to do.  So, wherever you are in your life value each moment, for you may not get a "later" or "another time."  

I, for one, may not be in a place in my life (yet) where I can fly to Santa Fe for a pie (or wherever suits my fancy)but one day I will be. In the mean time I will put the computer down and go for a walk with the boy and/or our dog; take a drive to the coast for dinner with a lovely friend; or simply take a walk in the sand on one of the beautiful beaches in this state I get to call home. I will take the time to "fly to Santa Fe."

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