Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Balance can have many different meanings depending on how it is used.  When I think of balance I think of an equal distribution of elements in your life; something my life has lacked for a very long time - mostly at my own doing.   For the last several years I have immersed myself into my work;  trying hard to save the world, one case at a time.  I have a driving passion for the work I was doing and deciding to make a change was not easy.  My identity was wrapped tightly into what I did - possibly because I spent so many hours doing it and believed so strongly in the fight.   About a year ago I attended a workshop on Trauma Stewardship (aka vicarious trauma).  I learned that, among other things, one of the ways vicarious trauma shows itself is through the loss of creativity.  I realized I had lost all of mine.  I had lost balance in my life 

I decided when I moved to NC that, although I was still going to do this work and fight this fight  with all the passion I had before, I was going to go in search of the ever elusive sense of balance.  It became important to me that I have a balance in my life, but even more important that my son have a "normal" childhood.  For the last few weeks I have heard the words of one of my favorite songs repeated over and over , "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it all." (from Home, by Chris Daughtry - a Carolina boy).

My son Bailey has made many friends in school, but especially in the neighborhood.  There are a group of five (including him) that are inseperable.  Daily they gather outside after school (and homework) and play a myriad of games that usually involve toy guns (sometimes containing water), swords, running, climbing trees, and imaginings that you find in the thick books that line Bailey's bookcase.  The boys range in age from nine to thirteen, but the differences don't seem to both them (most of the time). We have not been without injury and heart-stopping moments.  From a tooth getting knocked out to falling out of a tree, I am simply grateful that no one has been seriously injured.  And, as crazy as it sounds, I am grateful that my little boy is getting to be a little boy - even if my heart needs a jump start every now and then.

The past few weekends we have had sleepovers at our house on Friday nights, with this past Friday being the biggest.... all five of them overnight.  I am not sure what time they went to bed, but know that it was after 330am.   I survived and they thrived.  I am confident that come Friday night I will hear a little boy say, "Mom can ......(fill in the name or names of the boys) spend the night?"  Of course the answer will be "sure, as long as their parents don't care."  It's all part of the childhood experience.
                                                                                                                            Part of the search for balance has involved family, career, work at home, and play time.  Since the move the battle has waged, but mostly the battle of work at home and play time.  I have made tremendous  efforts at trying to fit both into the weekend, and an equal amount of effort at not doing work-work at home.  Since I have not had the chance to make many friends, it has been a challenge to not bring work home to occupy my time--but it is a challenge I continue to resist.                                                                                                                 This past weekend Bailey and I did some yard work.  The house we live in is over seventy years old and sat vacant for awhile.  The house was in pristine condition, but  you could tell the yard had been maintained, but not loved. So, while in quest for balance I have made it my mission to put a little TLC into the yard.  Bailey worked hard at planting flowers (which he helped pick out) while I used my hedge trimmers to manicure the bushes.  They may need to be cut down some more, but I made need more tools for that.  One thing is for certain, those that were driving by were sure to get a giggle as this 5' tall girl was wielding electric hedge trimmers above her head while standing on a ladder.
                        We picked up a little  pedestal at my favorite second-hand shop and a fountain for a mini-patio that I built a few weeks ago, but alas it wouldn't work there, so we improvised.  Hopefully the flowers that surround it will give it the serene look that I was going for.  
Since we did yard work on Saturday, I took the boys, my camera, and our little dog Miss Isabelle for a hike on Sunday after church.  We went back to Dupont State Park to do some more exploring.   First stop was High Falls.  The roar of the water cascading over the rocks is amazing.  I find myself mesmerized by the power of the water and the pureness of the air around me.   Breathtaking does not seem to do it justice. 
The boys like High Falls but want to keep moving. Off to Triple Falls we went. As the boys led the way they let their imaginations guide...we were no longer in a forest in North Carolina, we were transported back in time..or maybe forward depending on the game of the moment. One minute they were deciding who was "it" and the next they were fighting off forces only they could see, working together to be victorious. They ran ahead, but every now and then, one of them would slow down and walk with me as I captured photos looking for that perfect shot..of what I am not sure. We would talk...talk about school and what they want to be when they grow up. And sometimes we just walked. Mostly I tried to just listen. Listen to what they said to me, listen to what they said to each other, and listen to the sounds of the wind in the trees, birds chirping, creeks gurgling, and the waterfalls in the background. We would meet other hikers and although the faces changed, the smile on their faces and the "Good Afternoon's" were the same.  As the roar of the water got louder we knew we were getting closer to Triple Falls so the boys hustled ahead - anxious to climb the rocks.
Finally we arrive and descend the 100+ stairs to the base of the middle of the falls. The rocks were smooth and in some places damp. Signs are posted warning of the dangers associated with climbing these rocks. The boys just smile and nod when I tell them to follow the rules, and off they go. The views are gorgeous from the base of the second fall, but the boys wanted to explore so they ventured up to the top (against the rules of course) where they tasted the cool mountain water.  The boys climbed while Isabelle and I relaxed in the warm sun.  Every now and then I would see something that caught my eye and I would snap a photo or two - mostly of the boys. 

My quest for balance is an ongoing task.  I have an intense desire to succeed in life, while making a difference along the way.  I won't give up the passion for the change, but as a dear friend, and mentor, of mine told me yesterday - I am not in emergency work anymore.  I no longer have to go Mach 4 with my hair on fire.  The lessons will still be there to be written in the morning and those articles will get read.  This opportunity has been presented for me to be able to do the work I love and still make a difference along the way....all while enjoying the childhood of my youngest and slowly finding my way back to me and the sense of balance we all need.

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  1. Another beautiful post honey. I'm glad you're finding your balance and Bailey his childhood. How the roof must rock when all the boys are there, a symphony of sorts. You always bring a tear..love ya honey Mom